Trucking fleets are responsible for transporting more than 70% of America’s freight. If your fleet isn’t insured, a lot of problems could disrupt this system.

Having a large fleet generally requires multiple commercial auto insurance policies, unless you get commercial fleet insurance. Business owners who own fleets should consider this type of insurance for various reasons.

Keep reading to learn the top benefits of investing in a commercial fleet insurance policy.

Less Administration

If you insure every fleet vehicle individually, every vehicle will have its own start and end date. Adding more vehicles to your fleet throughout the year will lead to more start and expiry dates to keep track of.

Fleet insurance takes the hassles out of individual insurance applications. You won’t have to worry about missing a renewal and having one of your vehicles without insurance.

Fleet insurance coverage adds all vehicles to one policy. You will only have one renewal date to track.

Cost Savings

Fleet insurance can save money by combining your policies into one. You can benefit from significant savings through insurance premium discounts as well.

When you insure each vehicle individually, the insurance broker isn’t in a position to negotiate a discount. The more vehicles you add to your policy, the more likely the insurance broker will be to offer a lower rate.

More vehicles mean bigger potential savings and discounts. It’s a cost-effective solution for fleets made up of multiple vehicles.

Greater Flexibility

If you insure one vehicle, you have to designate any drivers that could be driving that vehicle on the policy. This can ultimately affect the costs. This can become inconvenient because it restricts who can use the vehicles.

With a fleet insurance policy, vehicles are insured, not the drivers. This gives you greater flexibility on who can drive which vehicles. Other types of auto insurance won’t offer this much flexibility.

If a driver calls in sick, you don’t have to worry about downtime. You can assign another driver to the vehicle because everyone is insured under a fleet insurance policy.

Same Coverage Levels

Business owners can benefit from fleet insurance because it offers the same coverage levels as regular commercial vehicle insurance.

Fleet insurance offers you the same levels of insurance you would be offered from single-vehicle insurance.

The main factor in deciding the coverage level you need is the size of the fleet you need to insure. You might find that individual fleet insurance works best if you have a small fleet of vehicles.

Benefits of Commercial Fleet Insurance Explained

Fleet management requires a lot of tasks and responsibilities. One of those responsibilities is to get commercial fleet insurance.

If you own a large fleet, fleet coverage can cover all of your vehicles with one policy. Keeping separate insurance policies organized is difficult and causes a lot of complications.

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