Oh no! A storm damaged your damage, and you need to fix it ASAP. If this happens, you might have several questions, including:

Should I file an insurance claim for my roof damage? 

Home insurance covers roof damage if the damage occurs from a covered peril. Storm damage is generally a covered peril, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you should file a claim.

Continue reading this guide to learn how you can decide if you should file an insurance claim.

Amount of Damage

After experiencing roof damage, find out the repair costs. You must know how much it will cost before deciding how to proceed. 

You might discover minimal damage. For example, maybe the repairs will only cost $250. If so, you’ll probably want to pay for the residential roof repairs. 

Roof damage can also be more costly. You might need a new roof if you have severe damage. This cost is much higher, which might encourage you to see if your insurance plan will cover it. 

Your Insurance Coverage 

Next, find out if your insurance company covers the damage. Home insurance generally covers storm roof damage. But it might not cover damages from failing to maintain and repair the roof. 

Contact your insurance company to find out. They’ll send an adjuster to your home to examine the roof. The adjuster determines:

Deciding how to handle the claim is simple if you find out your insurance doesn’t cover the repairs. You’ll have to pay for it in this case.

If your home insurance does cover the damages, you must consider a few more things. 

Your Deductible Amount

One of these things is your insurance deductible. Compare this with the total repair bill to see if it’s worth it.

For example, suppose you have a $1,000 deductible with your homeowner’s insurance coverage. This tells you how much you must pay out of the total bill.

If the total bill is $1,500, you’ll be paying most of it. Thus, filing a home insurance claim might not be a good move.

However, imagine if the bill is $10,000. In this case, your portion is a small amount compared to the total bill. Thus, filing a claim would be extremely helpful for your budget.

Effects of Filing a Claim

Finally, consider the effects claims have. In some cases, they have no effect. In other cases, they cause insurance rates to increase. 

They can also make finding insurance products more difficult. After all, insurance providers research a person’s prior claims before approving coverage. 

Should I File an Insurance Claim for My Roof? Consider the Facts

As you consider the facts, you can answer: “Should I file an insurance claim for my roof?” There are several factors to consider, and you can decide how to proceed. 

If you have trouble with your insurance agency, now might be a good time to switch to a new company.

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