It’s a widely acknowledged fact that homeowner’s insurance is a costly investment. In fact, homeowner’s insurance costs $1,820 a year on average.

When you’re paying that much on an insurance policy, you want to know what insurance coverage you have. For instance, does home insurance cover garage door damage? What insurance coverage exclusions are there?

We’ll give you the answers. In this article, we’ll let you know if your garage is protected. We’ll also let you know what situations your garage isn’t protected in.

All you need to do is keep reading.

Does Home Insurance Cover Garage Door Damage?

Every homeowner’s insurance policy is different. However, in certain cases, most standard homeowner’s insurance policies will cover your garage door repair costs.

One common case is if your garage door is damaged by an event like a house fire. House fires can either affect the appearance of a garage door or the mechanism that allows it to open.

Another common case is vehicle damage. One example of this is if you accidentally back into your garage door. As embarrassing as it may feel in the moment, it happens to everyone and is perfectly understandable.

If you worry this will happen to you, you should also look into good auto insurance. Then, you can rest assured that both your car and your house are protected. 

Lastly, your garage door may be covered by insurance if it was damaged during a break-in. This is because your garage is typically considered an extension of your home. Under specific circumstances, this may even include items stolen from your garage.

Consider Additional Insurance for Your Garage

You might live in an area where events happen that aren’t included in your standard house insurance plan.

These events could be something such as natural disasters, like flooding or earthquakes. If this is the case, then you may want to look into getting a different type of house insurance.

Another type of insurance you should consider to protect your garage is excess liability insurance. This is especially important if there’s a chance other people could get hurt in an event that damages your garage.

Any number of things on your property could be counted as a liability. If someone is injured, they could claim you’re at fault for their injuries and try to hold you accountable. Paying a little extra for excess liability insurance will protect you and your property if someone is injured in an event that also damages your garage.

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