Private Client

Private Client Deluxe House coverage is designed expressly for distinctive or custom homes and their owners. With Private Client, you will have more choices and more control over the insurance process, industry leading service, and features not usually found in other policies, such as:

Cash Settlement: To rebuild or not to rebuild-the decision is yours. In certain circumstances, if you decides not to rebuild after a total covered loss, you can opt for a cash payment up to the policy limit. It’s your home, your policy, your choice.

Additional Living Expenses: After a covered loss, private client will cover the increase in your temporary living expenses while your home is being rebuilt. This feature will help them maintain your normal standard of living until your home is ready.

Full Replacement Costs For Contents: Under Private Client’s full replacement cost coverage option, your belongings are covered for the cost to replace them. There are no deductions and no depreciation.

Complimentary Home Appraisal: In many cases, a professional appraiser will visit your home to note any special architectural details and interior features, and help determine the amount of coverage needed. The appraiser also can provide security and fire prevention advice, and suggest ways to protect your valuables. No fees are involved.

Rebuilding Costs: Private client extended replacement cost coverage option will pay to have your home rebuilt in the event of a covered total loss, even if the cost is greater than the amount of coverage listed on the policy. In California, private client extended replacement cost is 200% of the amount of coverage shown in the policy. Most policies will pay only up to the policy amount, even if rebuilding costs exceed that amount.

Loss of Use: Loss of use for a private client policy is for 50% of the dwelling amount as oppose to a set time period.  This is beneficial because you have options, you can keep your standard of living, and you’re not limited to a fixed amount per month.

Wildfire Defense:  Is an optional no cost benefit on Private client policies.  If a wildfire gets within five miles of your house private client companies will dispatch a private firefighter squad to spray your house with a flame-retardant gel free of charge.

For more information on receiving top quality private client protection for your house, give us a call.


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