Individual Health Insurance

Individual Medical Insurance is very different from the plans that are provided through an employer. In California the individual plans are medically underwritten. This means that the insurance carrier will be looking in to your medical history, prescriptions being taken, height, weight and other considerations.

These factors make up front planning and carrier selection very important. For example, some carriers may be tougher on a person that has asthma while others will be more lenient. Our Individual Medical Insurance Quotation Form gives us the information we need to make these determinations.

There are a variety of plans available. HMO, POS, PPO and even
other hybrid plans exist.

You can place all members of your family on one type of plan or choose separate plans. If your employer charges an expensive rate for dependents it may be more cost effective to remove the dependents from your employers plan and place them on an individual plan


There are special individual medical plans available
to self-employed persons.

On Medicare?
Special and separate plans are available for Media-Care recipients. These plans offer a wide variety of options.

Which Plan is Right for You?
Call us to better assess your needs and you will get the best answer from our many years of experience.


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